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About Us is an online marketplace similar to, but dedicated to local businesses in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Our goal is to make it fast, fun and easy for you to find the products and services you need from trusted local businesses, whether they're retailers, service providers or professionals.

The small merchants that participate on this site are working hard to earn your business and are reaching out to you to make it easy to support them.

Before you spend your hard-earned money with a one-size-fits-all big box store, consider the little guy in your community that could offer you better value and customer service - and give them a chance to earn your business.

Want to learn more about shopping locally and see what's going on in other communities?

Check out

Did You Know?

Small businesses are the heart of our economy and continue to drive the 'real economy'.

Here are some statistics about small business you may or may not know:

  • They employ just over half of the country‚Äôs private sector workforce
  • Just two percent of small businesses are franchises
  • Generate a majority of the innovations

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